HR Outsourcing Services


Staff Legalization
HR Outsourcing Staff legalization Service provides labor contract management to organizations that wish to do business in Vietnam and unable to sign the contract with already-recruited staffs for specific reason, e.g. headcount limitation and seasonal labor demand

N.A.TOPJOBS Staff Legalization, we provide:

  • Signing labor contract with recruited staffs
  • HR on-board administration and support
  • Payroll-insurance-taxation processing
  • Additions & Deductions
  • Maternity/sick leave claims
  • Termination payment
  • Pay slip summaries
  • Payment and payment-related matters
  • N.A.TOPJOBS Staff Legalization service’s advantages:
  • Flexibility in number of staffs according to your needs
  • Cost reduction
  • Management time allocated to truly management tasks, not routine
  • Transfer of HR & Accounting Burden
  • No employment risks
  • Different compensation schemes for different categories of employees
  • Different terms of employment
  • Relocation of the balance sheet items – labor costs to third parties’ expenses

Staffing Outsourcing
Staffing outsourcing service is to allow you to focus on your core business, we provide finding and recruiting employees for you, manage all labor-related issue including labor management, compulsory insurance registration, Personal income tax and PIT finalization each year as full payroll service and personnel administration. We offer flexible service depends on client’s requirement, but normally our service is including the followings:

  • Staff Search & Selection
  • Provision of Contractors to Companies
  • HR Administration & Support
  • Staff Management
  • Payroll- Insurance- Taxation processing
  • Additions & Deductions
  • Maternity/Sick leave claims
  • Termination payment
  • Pay slip summaries
  • Provision of a replacement on the event of an employee resigning

Staffing Outsourcing service’s advantages:

  • No legal relations with personnel/ expertise in human resource
  • Workforce flexibility according to your business needs
  • Quick response to your urgent needs of temporary staff for big marketing/promotional campaigns or maternity leave replacement
  • Diminishing the recruiting and admin works
  • Minimizing the management cost/management concentrate on value-added tasks
  • Large pool of available seconded staff

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