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Singapore ranks 16th in new IMD report
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Singapore has dropped six places since 2006.

Singapore is ranked 16th globally on talent competitiveness in the latest IMD report. The ranking is led by Switzerland (1st), Denmark (2nd), Germany (3rd), Finland (4th) and Malaysia (5th).

The findings are from the World Talent Report 2014 by IMD that measured a country’s ability to develop, attract and retain talent.

Singapore’s ranking has fluctuated in the last 10 years. She climbed to 2nd place in 2008 with a score of 8.74. The country then descended to 9th in 2009 and 16th in 2014.

Singapore has scored high in the investment and development factor. The report suggested that Singapore currently has a large pool of talent, but the existing pool may shrink slightly in the future.

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Source: HRM Asia - 25 Nov 2014