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Office Manager-ISEE & Local Security Officer

cap LP & Associates' client

location Ho Chi Minh City

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Duties & Responsibilities:

Office Management

* Manage a team (receptionists and cleaning staff) to support the office administration to ensure smooth operations in both HN and HCMC offices, including building management, cleaning and maintenance of office, cleaning and maintenance of pantry area, maintaining machines such as printers, copiers etc, booking of meeting rooms, stationaries and supplies, receiving delivered goods, car and motor bike parking, warehouse management, etc...

* Manage/lead office moving/expansion/innovation.



* Security SOP implemented

* Regular site security assessment (HN & HCMC offices; warehouses) based on updated security requirements

* Participate as Local Security Officer in Security regular meeting

* Security Incident Reporting well maintained

* CAPA of security audit/inspection and assessment completed as time line

* ISOS Travel Tracker Administrator responsible for the country

* Reception process (HN, HCMC) aligned with ROPU SEASK

* Attend Annual LSO Training



* EHS program in HN & HCMC offices to be implemented

* Safety Minute to be incorporated in all key events

* Be Safe Programme and Newsletters to be incorporated

* Office activities (HN & HCMC) to be conducted according to BI Safety Policy and guidelines

* Monthly KPI Reporting:

(a) Man hours

(b) Open Reporting of incidents & Accidents

* Attend Monthly calls

* Attend Annual EHS Training by ROPU SEASK

* Conduct annual Safety Day promotional activities

* Execution of risk assessments across EHS processes with active CAPA management

* On time permit renewal

* Permit Good Documentation Practice

* List and renewal calendar of Permit available


Field Force Safety

* Fleet Management SOP to be implemented

* KPI of Zero Fatality reporting monthly

* Annual Driving Safety Training


3rd Party Warehouse & Contractors Management

* Coordinate audit on supplier and 3rd-party warehouse in country with ISEE & Security Manager ROPU SEASK prior to contract renewal

* Establish Permit-to-Work system in the office for services and maintenance



* Recycling programme to be incorporated in facility

* Maintenance of all life saving equipment

* Energy saving initiatives to be adopted in facility management

* Responsible to manage Office asset and infrastructure documentation.

* Responsible to ensure office renovation/refurbishment according to BI OCP guideline.

* Real Estate Leases and Fit Out / Sale or Purchase

* Consulted or be involved in transactions for lease of offices/labs and fit ISEE topics.


EHS & Security Committee

* Set-up a EHS & Security Committee in the OPU

* Conduct Safely & Security meetings in alternate months to update and discuss relevant issues/programs

* Perform monthly safety inspection programs within the facilities/offices, and provide closure of observations



  • Degree/Diploma in BA or Engineering or EHS or Security Studies or equivalent or local regulation approved certifications, and/or
  • Relevant previous work experience (e.g. office manager, site security)
  • Living AAI, Launch & Lead, Easy & Effective, Clear & Compliant mindset
  • Responsible nature and possess a can do attitude
  • Possess a strong passion to work in tasks related to Safety & Security issues
  • Team player and ability to coordinate and work with different areas
  • Good listening skill, social perceptiveness, embracing team diversity
  • Good Communication skill, Oral Expression and Speech Clarity in English
  • Good Understanding of business process of sales and marketing, finance, and HR activities
  • Experience in working with local regulatory authorities in Safety & Security matters
  • Good understanding of best documentation practices and safe work practices
  • Customer and Personal Service Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes good understanding of customer needs, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction.

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