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Job Code Job Title Job Category Location Salary Job Status Posted Date
VC - 244054 (Senior) HR Staff Human Resources Dong Nai $500 - 800 Active Aug 15, 2019
VC - 234024 PR STAFF Other Ho Chi Minh City $500 - 700 Active Jul 05, 2019
VC - 213952 Legal Senior Staff Legal Ho Chi Minh City $500 - 700 Active Jan 28, 2019
VC - 213953 General Affair Staff Legal Ho Chi Minh City $400 - 500 Active Jan 26, 2019
VC-203881 IT (SAP) Supervisor Information Technology / Telecommunications Dong Nai $900 - 1,000 Active Sep 17, 2018
vc-3537 Sales Manager Sales Ho Chi Minh City $1,000 Active Nov 17, 2016
vc-3536 Assitant to GM (Sales) Sales Ho Chi Minh City $1,000 Active Nov 16, 2016
VC-3473 Vice Sales Operation Manager Sales Ho Chi Minh City $800 - 1,200 Active Sep 13, 2016
vc-3472 PERSONAL ASSISTANT to CEO Administration and Support Services Ho Chi Minh City $600 - 1,000 Active Sep 13, 2016
vc-3436 Giám đốc tài chính Accounting / Auditing / Finance Ho Chi Minh City $3,000 - 3,500 Active Jul 21, 2016
VC-3435 Kế toán trưởng Accounting / Auditing / Finance Long An $1,000 - 1,500 Active Jul 21, 2016
VC 3202 Sale Admin Sales Ho Chi Minh City $1,100 - 1,300 Active Oct 08, 2015
VC 3153 Food Service (JapaneseTakoyaki Chain Shops) – 100 people Other Janpan, VietNam, Singapore Negotiable Active Aug 17, 2015
VC 3152 Food Service (Japanese beef-bowl chain shops) - 100 people Other VIetNam, Japan (Tokyo/Saitama/Chiba/Kaganawa/Osaka/Kyoto/Shiga/Wakayama/Nara/Hyogo, Etc,...) Negotiable Active Aug 17, 2015


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